Veterinary Emergency + Critical Care:
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North Rainbow Veterinary Emergency Hospital:
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4445 North Rainbow Blvd, Craig & Rainbow, Las Vegas, NV 89108

Veterinary Emergency + Critical Care: What We Do

VE+CC is Southern Nevada’s only 24 hour veterinary emergency and critical care facility with board certified and/or residency trained doctors on site. Our goal is to provide the best emergency and critical care possible all day, every day, while maintaining thorough communication with referring veterinarians and their clients – relationships we greatly value.

The combination of VE+CC and the Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center (LVVSC) allows for rapid intervention, diagnosis, and treatment, including surgery, without having to transport the pets to another facility, which can be dangerous in times of trauma or critical illness. During an emergency, pets are strained both physically and mentally, and the proximity of VE+CC and LVVSC provides peace of mind for pets and owners alike.

Veterinary Emergency Care functions just like the emergency room in a hospital. Injuries or life threatening cases come in as they happen, often times off the street. Immediate care is provided on site, twenty four hours a day. Unlike other local animal emergency facilities, VE+CC has doctors and nurses on-site at all times.

Emergencies are not planned, and when they occur immediate attention is necessary. Traditional clinics are not designed to continuously provide emergency care. VE+CC was built with the specific purpose of providing 24 hour emergency care.

Once Emergency Care is complete some pets may be in need of Critical Care, which is also available at VE+CC. Other pets may require a specialist, who are conveniently located down the hall at LVVSC. Our facilities are uniquely and strategically designed with your pet’s care in mind.

Critical Care is similar to the Intensive Care Unit in a hospital. It involves the specialty of managing complex cases that are medically challenging and stressful. After emergency care has been administered, hospitalization may be needed for the recovery process. Critical Care involves close monitoring and life support measures led by veterinarians who are specifically trained to ensure your pet receives the care they need during this crucial time.

Our team of dedicated doctors monitor patients around the clock while providing timely communication to the primary veterinarian throughout the process. A veterinarian who is specifically trained in emergency and critical care is better prepared to manage complex cases that are medically challenging and particularly stressful.

Having a Critical Care doctors on site greatly improves the medical management for pets receiving critical care. Any pet that is seriously ill or recovering from an emergency procedure will benefit from this type of care.

The veterinarians, technicians and support staff of VE+CC have extensive training, certification, and experience in emergency care services.

VE+CC is dedicated to setting the standard of excellence in veterinary emergency and critical care. We value our relationships with referring veterinarians, clients, employees, and partners by fostering a working environment built on respect, trust, communication, teamwork, and education.