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Tips for Preventing Dogs Neck Injuries

Watching dog owners take a stroll with their pets in any of Las Vegas dog parks is always a sight to behold. However, to make the most out of these play times you need to keep your dog injury free, especially the neck injuries. Neck injuries are a common phenomenon in canines, and at Veterinary Emergency + Critical Care (VE+CC), Las Vegas, we’ve seen it all. A dog with an injured neck displays symptoms, such as changes in posture, moans and cries in an attempt to turn the head or touch, and stiff neck. More often than not these injuries cause immense discomfort to your dog making him less playful and active.

Fortunately, dog neck injuries can be avoided. We offer you tips to prevent the occurrence of the neck injuries for your dog.

Replace a Collar with a Harness

To the surprise of many dog owners, dog collars are a hidden root of most neck injuries. Canines are active by nature and will always try to pull on the leash and in the process will damage vital organs underneath the neck. The spinal cord runs through the neck, and that’s where the leg nerves originate. Besides, the spinal cord contains the nerves that control the internal body organs. Even more, the neck houses the thyroid gland responsible for regulation the whole system metabolism.

The interruption of the flow of energy through the neck and the spinal cord gives rise to problems such as skin conditions, cardiac issues. Besides, the alignment of the essential nerves inside the head is affected leading to the stiffness of the neck and pain. A harness is the best option for canines that pull lunges excessively as they don’t put a massive strain on the neck or throat.

Start Carrying Your Dog Up and Down Stairs

Wood and tile staircases can be very dangerous to dogs irrespective of their age. That’s because they lack the necessary grip and the dog can slip easily and injure the neck and other parts of the body. One option is to try installing an internal dog gate, so the dog doesn’t roam everywhere in the house. When in the house, you can scoop your canine whenever you want to move downstairs or upstairs to minimize the risk of slipping and getting injured.

Keep the Weight of the Dog Manageable

Ensure your dog has a healthy weight to ward off the health risks such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiac arrest and more. Also, healthy weight in dogs reduces the risk of injuries considerably. Weight-related issues in dogs include problems in the joints, muscles, and bones. Regarding the injuries, the neck is full of ligaments and joints that which could make your dog experience back pain due to the excessive weight. To reduce the weight, exercise your dog and lower the number of calories he consumes. There are many exciting dog parks to take your dog in Las Vegas, to keep him healthy and fit.

Don’t Allow your Dog to Jump On and Off the Furniture.

When a dog jumps on and off high furniture, it brings lots of strain to joints, head, neck and back as it lands onto the slippery floor at a particular angle. Besides, it can make the Invertebral Disk Disease (IVVD) condition worse if the dog happens to jump and twists his back. You can put steps on a total bed or any other furniture she likes.

Elevate the Feeding Bowl

The dog will be more comfortable using an elevated bowl where he doesn’t have to strain his neck when feeding. And that’s especially the case where your dog has neck and back problems or even rear leg disabilities.

Are you a dog owner in Las Vegas? At Vecc, we are the top vet emergency and critical care clinic in Vegas. Our hands-on approach towards pet care has set us apart from the competition. Visit us today for excellent pet care and treatment.