Veterinary Emergency + Critical Care:
Tropicana & Durango - Open 24/7
(702) 262-7070

North Rainbow Veterinary Emergency Hospital:
Now Open!
4445 North Rainbow Blvd, Craig & Rainbow, Las Vegas, NV 89108

Client Preparation Checklist


You never know when your pet will have an emergency. It is unexpected and stressful, and usually happens at the most inconvenient time! Veterinary Emergency + Critical Care is here to help during any kind of veterinary emergency, and we want to make it as stress free as possible for both you and your pet. From a broken toe nail that won’t stop bleeding to more critical emergencies such as bloat or trouble breathing, we are here to handle any type of situation.

But before you walk in our door, here are some ways to prepare yourself and your pet to allow for a smooth transition to our facility.

  • Put us in your contact list, (702) 262-7070, so you can call us on your way.

  • If your pet has not been to our facility before, stay one step ahead of the game and fill out a new client form now, before an emergency occurs.

  • Keep your pet’s documents, records, and medical or vaccine history in a secure and easily accessible location.

  • Make sure you have a safe and secure carrier for each pet with your name and contact information on the carriers. It is especially important to transport cats in a safe and sturdy carrier, as they are generally less amenable to a car ride to the vet than dogs are, and are very difficult to catch when spooked.

  • Make sure your pet’s leash or harness fits properly, and place it in a convenient and quickly accessible location.

  • Make sure you have a fresh supply of your pet’s medication; checking the expiration dates regularly. Bring the medications with you, or keep a current list that you can grab in a hurry.

  • These may seem like simple steps, but having your pet arrive here safely and getting us their important medical information quickly will go a long way towards helping us provide your pet with the best care possible!