Veterinary Emergency + Critical Care:
Tropicana & Durango - Open 24/7
(702) 262-7070

North Rainbow Veterinary Emergency Hospital: Temporarily Closed
Craig & Rainbow - 7PM-7AM
(702) 262-7080

Eastern Veterinary Emergency Hospital: Temporarily Closed
Windmill & Wigwam - 6PM-7AM
(702) 262-7090

Current wait time for non-critical emergencies
is a minimum of 3 hours.

Cars Get Hotter Than You Think

As the temperatures rise and summer kicks into full swing, it’s important to remember how the heat affects our pets. Please view the chart below, which shows how the temperature inside a car can become potentially deadly — even if it’s not hot outside.

Also, for further information on warm weather pet safety, visit the ASPCA’s Heat Safety Tips, the ASPCA’s Heat Safety Tips for Kids, and PetFinder’s Hot Weather Tips.

Hot car

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